Appraisals & Repairs


1. Verbal Appraisal Fee: 1% of value, if valued over $10,000.

2. Written Appraisal Fee: $150 plus 1% of value, if valued over $10,000.

3. Written Appraisal Update Fee: $50 plus 1% of value, if valued over $10,000.

4. All fees are based on the value of the instruments or bow as determined by Paul Schuback.

5. Paul Schuback's written appraisals are suitable for insurance and estate purposes. He can only appraise instruments with the permission of the owner.

6. An appraisal is confidential, and will only be submitted to the person requesting this service.

7. A written appraisal update is recommended every three to five years.


1. A verbal repair estimate is FREE

2. A written repair estimate is $50.00 

3. A written repair bid for insurance purposes is 10% of the estimated repair amount with credit toward the completed work done in our shop. 

*Appraisals and repairs are appointment only. Please email us at or call us at the following numbers: 503.916.4430