Instruments purchased at Schuback Violin Shop at any location affiliated with Schuback Violin Shop, Inc. may be traded in for a credit towards the purchase of another instrument owned and for sale by Schuback Violin Shop, Inc.

Trade-ins can only be applied for an upgrade in instrument size or price. 

Except in cases of excessive and unnatural wear-and-tear, owners can expect to be credited for the full amount paid for their instrument as seen on the original invoice (minus the cost of replacing the strings, rehairing the bow and repairing any other damage that may have occurred to the instrument). 


When deciding whether to purchase an instrument from Paul Schuback, customer may be able to take the instrument home on a bailment agreement.

Bailment requirements are as follows:

1. Person signing the bailment agreement must be at least 18 years old.

2. Person signing the bailment agreement must have a valid driver’s license or state ID.

3. Person signing the bailment must supply the shop with a valid credit card number for deposit.

4. Instrument is to be returned to Paul Schuback no later than 7 days or other mutually agreed time period.

5. When the instrument is returned, it must be in as good condition as when received by customer.

6. Customer is financially responsible for the instrument as long as the bailment contract is in effect, including all incidences of damage, destruction, loss or theft. If the customer defaults in this obligation, Schuback Violin Shop, Inc. must also be compensated for enforcement fees, including his reasonable attorney’s fees in the trial and appellate courts.

7. "Instruments on bailment are not to be taken to an other shops for any reason unless permission is granted by owner of the said instrument."


Instruments and bows that are brought into the studio may be sold on consignment. Before a contract is made, the instruments and/or bows must be examined and approved by Paul Schuback.

Retail and net price is negotiated at the time the contract is made. Repair costs to restore the instrument to marketable shape are to be paid in advance.

Other details are to be decided at the time the contract is made.

Questions? Email us at violin@schuback.com or call us at the following numbers: 503.916.4430 to set up an appointment